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Top bartenders share their picks of the best cocktail shakers

Cocktail Shakers

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Napisano 19 lipiec 2022 - 04:07

For bartenders and other drink professionals, a cocktail shaker is a key tool—possibly the key tool—needed to make great cocktails.

Of course, not all drinks are shaken. Some drinks are stirred using a mixing glass and barspoon or are built directly in the glass and don’t need a shaker.

Cocktail shakers come in two forms. A Boston shaker is what you see professional bartenders slinging at your favorite cocktail bar. It's made up of two metal tins that are jammed together to create a natural seal, and you usually have to buy the measuring jigger and strainer separately. A cobbler shaker, on the other hand, has three pieces: a metal tin (sometimes with interior measuring lines), cap, and built-in strainer.

Below, top bartenders share their picks of the best cocktail shakers.
Best Overall: Cocktail Kingdom Koriko Shaking Tins
Runner-Up, Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Cocktail Shaker
Best for Professionals: Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Shaking Tins
Best Leakproof: Rabbit Twist-to-Lock Cocktail Shaker
Best Splurge: Cocktail Kingdom Coley Shaker
Best Set: Fortessa Crafthouse Cocktail Set
Best Weighted: Barfly Basics Cocktail Set
Best for Bar Use: Piña Commercial Boston Tin Set
Best for Pros: A Bar Above Copper Boston Shaker Set
Most Stylish: Rabbit RBT Cocktail Shaker

“Cocktails shakers are like pans for chefs,” says Valentino Longo, head bartender at Miami’s Lido Restaurant & Champagne Bar at the Four Seasons at the Surf Club and founder of Shōshin Art Club. Longo keeps multiple styles and sizes behind the bar. “Each shaker does a different job, and it is extremely important to get to know them and use it for the right purposes.”

How do you stop cocktail shakers from leaking?
This will largely depend on the quality of your shaker. A good shaker tin will create a tight seal automatically. If working with a Boston shaker, use the heel of your hand to tighten the seal.

The tools and supplies of the master mixology field demand their own category. At you'll find the highest quality professional Cocktail Shakers used for specialty mixology by professional bartenders, caterers, private bartenders, as well as the most serious of hobbyists. Made of durable and attractive materials, these master mixology tools and supplies are built to last and impress.

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A czy ubezpieczenia grupowe pod to podlegają?


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