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The MMORPG Broken Ranks rolls out its market system

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Napisano 20 czerwiec 2022 - 04:22

Since its launch at the start of the year, Broken Ranks has been steadily enriched with new features – the MMORPG roadmap sets the pace. In accordance with the announced schedule, the independent studio Whitemoon is preparing the deployment of its market system, scheduled for the day.

An important update will be installed on the MMORPG Broken Ranks servers, which will add a full-fledged marketplace to the game for trading between players. The developers came to this decision as a result of numerous requests from the players.

“We are pleased that we can meet the expectations of our players and make the marketplace available to them. The system aims to be as simple and functional as possible, but we will continue to expand it in the future. simplified trading will further immerse our players in the world of Broken Ranks.” – says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

If the operation is classic, the market was expected by the players insofar as the in-game objects but also the objects of the Broken Ranks shop can be freely exchanged between the players (such as the cosmetic outfits of the MMORPG, but also its premium currency). It is easy to understand that the market will facilitate and secure exchanges between players.

Broken Ranks is a sequel to the MMORPG The Pride of Taern. It features a unique turn-based combat system and a gritty, low-fantasy world from an isometric perspective. The title is reminiscent of classics like the HoM&M series or Baldur's Gate. Adventurers can expect a variety of story-based quests and a huge, interesting world that can be explored alone, in a group or with guild members.

Broken Ranks is available on PCs via a client.

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#2 czuczuk

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Napisano 26 wrzesień 2022 - 13:56

Piękny tekst, ale zupełnie niezrozumiały.


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