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Gry na Windows 7

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#1 Vicious Jack

Vicious Jack
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Napisano 13 maj 2009 - 22:15

Poniżej prezentuję Wam listę kompatybilnych gier z Windows 7. Poniższe gry działają bezproblemowo:

* Age Of Empires I: Rise Of Rome
* Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors
* Age Of Empires III + Both Exp
* Age Of Mythology: Titans
* Assassin's Creed (confirmed on x86-64)
* Audiosurf
* Battlefield 1942
* Battlefield 2 (single player)
* Battlefield 2142 Deluxe + Northern Strike
* Battlefield Vietnam
* BattleForge
* Bioshock (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Black And White (1)
* Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 (Mirror Moon English translation)
* Burnout: Paradise (confirmed on x86)
* Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
* Call of Duty 5: World At War (single player) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Call of Duty: World at War (confirmed on x86)
* Civilization 3
* Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (confirmed on x86)
* Combat Arms (confirmed on x86)
* Command & Conquer: Generals (Vista mode compatibility)
* Command & Conquer: The First Ten Years
* Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
* Command & Conquer: Zero Hour (confirmed on x86-64)
* Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces
* Counter Strike: Source
* Crysis
* Crysis (confirmed on x86)
* Crysis: Warhead
* DBS Black Shark(confirmed on x86-64)
* Dead Space (confirmed on x86-64)
* Deer hunter tournament (confirmed on x86-64)
* Defense Grid: Awakening (confirmed on x86-64)
* Deltaforce
* Deltaforce 2
* Deltaforce Black Hawk Down
* Deltaforce Extreme
* Deltaforce Land Warrior
* Deltaforce Task Force Dagger
* Deltaforce Team Sabre
* Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
* Doom 3
* Drakensang (Vista compatibility, RunAs Admin)
* Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
* Empire at War (confirmed on x86)
* Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
* Empire Total War
* Eve Online (premium graphic content)
* F.E.A.R.
* F.E.A.R. 2 (Demo)
* F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point
* Fable - The Lost Chapters
* Fallout 3 (confirmed on x86-64)
* Far Cry 1
* Far Cry 2 x64
* Far Cry 2 (confirmed on x86)
* Fate/Stay Night (Mirror Moon English translation)
* FIFA 09 (confirmed on x86)
* Final Drive Fury (platform unknown)
* Flatout 2 (confirmed on x86-64)
* Flight Simulator X
* Flight Simulator X Deluxe
* Forces of Corruption
* FreeTrack
* Frontlines: Fuel of War (Single player only) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Galactic Civilization
* Galactic Civilization - Altarian Prophecy
* Galactic Civilization 2 - Dark Avatar
* Galactic Civilization 2 - Dread Lords
* Galactic Civilization 2 - Twilight Of The Armor
* Garrys Mod
* Gears of War (confirmed on x86-64)
* Genesis rising (confirmed on x86-64)
* GT Legends
* GTA: 2
* GTA: 3 (confirmed on x86-64)
* GTA: 3 w/ RealGTA mod (confirmed on x86-64)
* GTA: IV (needs GFWL also installed)
* GTA: San Andreas (confirmed on x86)
* GTA: Vice City
* GTR 2
* GTR Evolution
* Guild Wars + All Expansions work perfectly.
* Guitar Hero III
* Half Life - D3d good, OpenGL artifacts
* Half-Life 2: Episode 2
* Halo
* Halo 2 (1 report of not working and one report of working as well as Vista)
* Hellgate London
* IL2 Sturmovik 1946 - Single player
* Insurgency (HL2 Mod)
* James Bond 007: Nightfire (confirmed on x86)
* James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace (confirmed on x86)
* Joint operations + exp pack
* Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
* Knight of the Old Republic II
* Last Chaos (3D MMORPG)
* Left 4 Dead (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Lego Batman (confirmed on x86-64)
* Lord of the Rings - Conquest
* Mass Effect (may require Beta (7000) MP3 corruption Patch ) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Mass Effect: Bringing Downthe Sky (may require Beta (7000) MP3 corruption Patch ) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Max Payne 2
* Medal of Honor: Airborne
* Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
* Metal Of Honor Allied Assult
* Mirror's Edge (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Mount&Blade
* MVP 2005 (XP SP2 Compatibility) (confirmed on x86)
* NecroVisioN (confirmed on x86-64)
* Neverwinter Nights 2 + Mask of the Betrayer (confirmed on x86)
* NFS: Porsche Unleashed
* NFS: Pro Street (confirmed on x86-64)
* NFS: Undercover
* NFS: Underground 2
* Oblivion GOTY x86
* Oblivion v1.2.0.201
* Orangebox
* Peggle Delux
* Portal
* Postal 1
* Postal 2
* Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend
* Postal 2 AWP
* Postal 2 Enternal Damnation
* Postal 2 STP
* Prey (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Prince of Persia 2008
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (confirmed on x86-64)
* Project64 + all n64 games i tried
* Quake 1
* Quake 2
* Quake 3
* Quake 4
* Quantum of solace (demo) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Race 07
* Racedriver:Grid (confirmed on x86-64)
* Red Alert 3
* Red Alert 3: Uprising (confirmed on x86-64)
* Resident Evil 4 (confirmed on x86-64)
* Return to Castle Wolfenstein (confirmed on x86)
* rFactor
* Rise of Nations (platform unknown)
* Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots (platform unknown)
* Roller Coaster Tycoon 1
* Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum
* Rome - Total War
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky (confirmed on x86-64)
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
* Sauerbraten/Cube 2 engine
* Serious Sam 2
* Silent Hunter 4
* Silkroad Online (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition (confirmed on x86)
* Sins of a Solar Empire (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* SkullTag / Doom Online
* Soldier of Fortune 3: Payback (confirmed on x86)
* Soldier of Fortune II (confirmed on x86)
* Soldier of Fortune (confirmed on x86)
* Source
* Spaceport:GE (Space 2D ORPG)
* Spiderman - Web of Shadows (confirmed on x86-64)
* Spore (confirmed on x86-64)
* Star Wars Galaxies(confirmed on x86)
* Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Saga
* Starcraft
* Steam
* Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
* SWAT 4 + Stechkov Syndicate (confirmed on x86)
* Team Fortress 2
* Testdrive Unlimited
* The Godfather 2 (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* The Lord of the Rings Online
* The Sims 2 (with all EP's & SP's installed) (confirmed on x86-64)
* The Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control II PC remake, freeware) (confirmed on x86-64)
* The Wheelman (confirmed on x86-64)
* The Witcher Enhanced Edition (confirmed on x86-64)
* Tiger Woods 2008 (confirmed on x86)
* Tiger Woods 2008 (offline) (confirmed on x86-64) x86-64 Does work if you install the directx_nov2008_redist.exe, or install another game that has the necessary dx9 files.
* Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (platform unknown)
* Trackmania Nations Forever
* Tribes 2
* Tsukihime (Mirror Moon English translation)
* Unreal Tournament
* Unreal Tournament 2004
* Unreal Tournament 3
* Unreal Tournament GOTY 1999
* Visual Boy Advanced + every original gameboy game ever made
* Wanted: Weapons of Fate (The physx component hung at the end of installation, but game still runs.) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Warcraft 3
* Warcraft 3 + Exp
* Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
* Warhammer Online
* Warhammer: Dawn of War + Expansions (confirmed on x86 and x86-64)
* Warhammer: Dawn of War 2
* Wing Commander Privateer remake 1.2 (freeware) (confirmed on x86-64)
* World in Conflict
* World of Warcraft (confirmed on x86-64)
* X-Blades

Następna lista to gry, które działają częściowo:

* America's Army (works only when you don't use Punkbuster)
* Carmageddon 1 - graphical glitches during FMV. Playable and stable in normal gameplay.
* Carmageddon 2 - graphical glitches during FMV. Playable and stable in normal gameplay.
* COD4 Single Player (install nVidia ForceWare drivers 181.20+)
* Dark Sector (Needs to be run as admin)
* Diablo I - The in-game colors are messed up, like rainbows. Additionally, the intro videos play, but have weird blocks of off color. Running in compatibility mode does NOT work--the game complains about not being able to read diabdat.mpq off the CD
* Dungeon Keeper 2 Works only In XP Compatability mode, with menu and in game graphic gliches. Probably due to Drivers
* Everquest 2 - disable SLI
* Fallout 1 - graphical glitches during FMV. Playable and stable in normal gameplay.
* Fallout 2 - graphical glitches during FMV. Playable and stable in normal gameplay.)
* Grand Theft Auto 1 - Game save corrupts, like in Vista and causes game crash, can use GTA Fixer to fix the game each time to start it
* GTR Evolution (Trying on a fresh install to see if old OS install was corrupted
* IL2 Sturmovik 1946 Online - Hyperlobby client (required to play IL2 online) Must run as admin w/ win98 compatibility mode, still some graphical errors within the program, but nothing serious.
* Madden 08 (installer must run in Vista/XP compatibility mode)
* Myth 1: The Fallen Lords - Runs perfectly in "Compatibility mode for WinXP SP2"
* Myth 2: Soulblighter - Runs perfectly in "Compatibility mode for WinXP SP2"
* Neverwinter Nights (Diamond Ed) - installs and plays very Nice on x86. Run as admin.
* NFS: Porsche 2000 - works for me with some animation glitches when your driving with the dashboard cam
* Quake Live- Issues but works, with latest nVidia drivers loads full screen but get scan lines. (FF3, wont load right in IE8) (confirmed on x86-64)
* Silver (1999) - works fine except for the colors not being displayed correctly. (confirmed on x86-64)
* StepMania v3.9 installs and runs - however, if you add songs through the utility and if it doesn't have the rights, it will still be able to create the necessary files to create a song but, they get redirected in AppData (or somewhere else lost in the dump that is those places). Making both the utility and the game itself run permanantely as admin makes the game run perfectly withot a hitch. It runs great too without admin privilege.
* Sword of the Stars - Collectior Edition: Works if you update DX9, because not all DX9 files are in Win7
* System Shock 2 - You'll need to use unofficial patches and fixes to get it to work on anything above a Win9x based operating system, but it still works as well as it did on xp/vista with a little help.
o Through the Looking Glass: Honoring the Legacy of Looking Glass Studios
o - Index[/font]
* Test Drive 2002 - Use Compatibility for XP
* The Settlers - Rise of an Empire (Die Siedler - Aufstieg eines Königreichs) works perfectly fine under Windows 7 64 bit (beta build 7000). You have to download and install, however, the very latest TAGES V5.5.5.2 x64 driver from the web page. Earlier TAGES drivers will deny the start of this game under Windows 7 64 bit.
* The suffering - It's ad-supported (I didn't see any ads so far, though ). No spywares or virus detected. Yes it runs! I finally managed to run it under my Windows 7 x64. You must run it as an administrator and also run it in compatibility mode for Windows NT
* Windower program for Final Fantasy XI however does not work on build 7000 at all, but does work with latest beta build on 7022 7048 and 7057
* World Of Warcraft (runs badly) (also report of running good in x86-64)
* Worms Armageddon - Graphical corruption of the menu after a game round ends, same thing on Vista, hasn't been fixed for either OS.
* Yo Frankie! - Yo Frankie! is an open-source game designed by Blender Foundation. It plays really fine, except we have some glitches on the main menu.

I na koniec gry, które w pełni nie działają:

* Albatross18 (aka PangYa ) does not work on Windows 7. I have tried running it in compatibility mode, which makes the game crash while launching. Every time I start the game running normally I get a weird error (error message is gibberish). Other players are experiencing this problem as well link. (confirmed on x86)
* Atomic Bomberman has graphic issues and no network play due to IPX not being installable.
* Call of Duty 5:World At War (multiplayer) (now reported to work)
* Command & Conquer: Zero Hour - problem with install sheild with a tmp file... (now reported to work)
* Counter-Strike (classic, non source) won't run on b7000 64bit, tried with nvidia drivers 179 and 181 on 8800GT, keeps saying OpenGL nor D3D are supported and goes back to software mode.
* Crisis Wars 64bit - Runs for a short time in compatability mode, then the screen goes berserk and you cant see anything! (NO GO)
* Fate Undiscovered Realms does not install. Autorun bombs right from the get go. Running manually in compatibility mode(s) and as admin still a no go.
* Half-Life (Not sure if it's just a driver issue or not, but the video spins and you can't move. Menu access is OK though. This is without trying compatibility mode.)
* Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
* NFS: Porsche Unleashed. Tried in XP compatibility...

Opisy są po angielsku, gdyż listy owe zauważyłem na anglojęzycznym portalu
Seven Forums. Listy te zostały stworzone przez użytkowników owego portalu. Nawołuje do stworzenia własnej listy, po polsku, z opisami czy dana gra działa czy nie. Chętnie przystąpię do takiego projektu. Wszyscy którzy posiadają Windows 7 RC mogą sprawdzać czy dane gry działają i pisać tutaj swoje uwagi.
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#2 jacek37

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Napisano 16 maj 2009 - 18:23

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#3 Vicious Jack

Vicious Jack
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Napisano 16 maj 2009 - 18:32

Znaczy, że:

1) Gry, które w trakcie pierwszego uruchomienia wykazywały pewne wady i/lub nie odpalały się. Wymagają więc poprawki/patcha.

2) W trakcie rozgrywki można napotkać pewne błędy graficzne.
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Gigabyte 970-UD3, AMD Phenom II X4 955, Gigabyte Radeon HD6770, 2x2GB GoodRam PC1600, Seagate Barracuda 1TB, OCz 500W, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Realtek RTL8139 50mbps, SE Xperia X10i

#4 maniek1121

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Napisano 18 maj 2009 - 22:34

Z tego ci mi wiadomo na WINDOWS 7 chodza wszystkie gry, programy, kodeki. Trzeba tylko podmienic zmienic zgodnosc pliku (o ile mnie pamiec nie myli). Mialem to i nie chodzil mi steam (counter-strike, cs, cscz i tak dalej) zmienilem zgodnosc i sie zdzwilem :). Nie wiem czy to dziala na innych grach czy programach natomiast wiem ze na steam mi sie udalo. aczkolwiek zmienilem spowrotem na XP PROF SP3 gdyz uwazam ze jest to najlepszy windows ;)

pozdrawiam wszystkich forumowiczow :eek:
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#5 Ramzel

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Napisano 17 kwiecień 2010 - 01:54

Gears of War - gra została wymieniona jako kompatybilna, a tymczasem u mnie nie chce działać. Na XP wszystko śmigało, ale po przesiadce na 7 nie mogę cieszyć się grą. :sweet: Pojawia się tylko ekran startowy, a po chwili informacja, że program przestał działać. Wie ktoś jak sobie z tym poradzić?
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#6 magik092

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Napisano 10 lipiec 2010 - 17:56

Uruchom w trybie zgodności i jako administrator (tyczy się też instalacji)
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